27 February 2009

Drift magazine cover, 1967

This is from the cover of Drift, a short-lived Sydney magazine from the late 60s.

Phil Jones And The Unknown Blues had a minor but well-remembered local hit with their arrangement of If I Had A Ticket (1967).

The song's sources go way back to traditional gospel, with a recording at least as long ago as 1927, and jazz-r&b versions by Chris Barber outfits in the early 60s. There's more about the song's history and the band at the website.

Thanks to Terry Stacey for sending this.

Lynne from the Musical Notes blog says that the producers of Drift, who had met at the Uni of NSW, included 'Merv Rabies' (Tony Robinson), Ross Smythe-Kirk and Bill 'Florence Lawrence' Tranchitella [Link] The Musical Notes page on Phil Jones and the Unknown Blues is informed by local knowledge: highly recommended [Link]


Tony said...

Wouldnt say Minor Hit.....was pretty popular even in far flung Armidale!!!!\

Lyn Nuttall said...

#20 Sydney, but hey, Armidale is what counts, right? Cheers.

Lynne said...

Hi Lyn, it's Lynne here ... My site Taylor Square in the 60s, previously 'Musical Notes' if currently being transferred to a website http://taylorsquareinthe60s.weebly.com (early stages) .. I am currently seeking these guys. Mort Fist has passed on.