06 February 2009

1960s promotional cards by EMI (Australia)

David Walker, a frequent PopArchives source (especially on Adelaide music), has sent me these scans of postcard-size promotional photos from around 1966-68, featuring Australian pop stars of the day. They were issued by EMI (Australia) for distribution to customers at record bars.

On the reverse side of each photo is a then current discography for the artist. I've listed the singles only, with links back to those that have a page at my website.
Bobby & Laurie
Sweet And Tender Romance/Down In The Valley (1966)
You'll Come Round (1966)
Bryan Davies
You Won't Be The Last/The End Of Another Day (1967)
Johnny Farnham
Sadie/In My Room (1967)
Underneath The Arches/
Friday Kind Of Monday (1968)
I Don't Want To Love You/Jamie (1968)

Cheryl Gray
The Real Thing/Move On (1966)
You Don't Love Me Any More/You Made Me What I Am (1967)
It's Not Easy Loving You/I'm Gonna Try (1967)
The Groove
Simon Says/
With This Ring (1967)
Soothe Me/
I See A New Day (1968)
What Is Soul/
Goin'Back (1968)
Little Pattie
I'll Eat My Hat/Nothin' (1967)
I Knew Right Away/In Time (1967)

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