14 July 2021

Australian Radio Almanac: 1. New South Wales

Twelve pages from Voices of Australian Radio in the Australian Radio Almanac, published c.1967.

Previously posted: Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania & Northern Territory.

The Australian Radio Almanac was published by The Age and Keith Winslet Publications. Trove estimates 1967, although it could be 1968. It was probably a one-off publication. 

It is a small, slim booklet (15 x 24 cm, 42 pages), with a national map of station locations, lists of radio stations, and other features of interest to radio fans. 

The highlight, though, is Voices of Australian Radio, 30 pages of thumbnail photos and brief written notes about Australian announcers on commercial radio and the ABC.

The coverage of stations is uneven. Melbourne's high-rating  3UZ has 0 notes and 3 photos, while 2GB Sydney covers 4 pages, with some quite detailed notes. Even regional station 3SH Swan Hill has 6 notes and 6 photos each.

Perhaps it depended on material supplied by the stations and some were more interested than others, or perhaps there was a subscription plan.

Here are the pages for New South Wales.

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