24 November 2007

Eddie White, songwriter and actor

In September I mentioned Edward R. (Eddie) White, the prolific New York songwriter (1919-1996) who collaborated at some stage with each of the three writers of Acker Bilk's The Harem, particularly with Mack Wolfson.

I wondered whether he was the same Eddie White (aka Edward R. or Eddie R. White) whose filmography at Internet Movie Database includes a role in Robert Duvall's Angelo My Love (1983).

These days it seems I just have to ask, and somebody who was there emails with an answer. (Like this: Question. Answer. Neat, huh?)

John Sprung emailed to confirm that the songwriter and bit-part actor were indeed the same Eddie White. In fact, John was at the premiere of Angelo My Love with Eddie, who knew John's father, a counselor at an orphanage where Eddie was a ward.

I have a feeling there is an interesting biography to be told about Eddie White. Maybe someone will email...

[Somebody did email: see my follow-up post.]


LeeDonaldTaicher said...

I was a friend of Eddie’s in Manhattan in the 1970’s
We met in Jack Waltzer’s acting class
Eddie was a beautiful guy!
I met some of Eddie’s friends in his apartment
I believe off of 6th ave on 53rd street
Duvall Chayefsky Graziano.Eddie and I hung out together and Eddie got me a part in my first play
“waiting for lefty”
I am a painter/performer and did some theatre acting in Manhattan and gave Eddie a painting a self portrait which he hung in his apartment and I believe he gave it to his son
I left Manhattan for a job and lost track of Eddie
In the 1980’s unfortunately
I did talk to Duval about 10 years ago at a book signing in Los Angeles.
I mentioned I knew Eddie White and he just shook his head!?!
Well I’d like to contact Eddie’s son if possible.
Eddie was a s sweetheart
God bless Him

Lyn Nuttall said...

LeeDonaldTaicher, thank you for your excellent comment, full of interest. I don't have any contact details for Eddie's son. Perhaps someone will see this and help out. (It does happen sometimes!) - Best wishes, Lyn