15 May 2007

The Blue Ridge Mountain Dancers

You never know what will pop up on that overlooked miscellany ABC2, the ABC's digital TV channel.

Last night they showed Festival, Murray Lerner's 1967 documentary about the Newport Folk Festival 1963-1966. It's a bit like a black-and-white Jazz on a Summer's Day. (In one sense especially: the crowd shots stay in the mind as much as the music.)

Every minute of it is full of interest, and everybody seems to be there: Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Odetta, Buffy Sainte-Marie. Peter Paul & Mary. Howlin' Wolf, and Son House, Dylan going electric. Bluegrass bands, jugbands, kids in the parking lot with home-made instruments. A marvellous old-time gospel choir called the Sacred Harp Singers.

But I wasn't prepared for this joyous slice of Americana. It's perfect: no commentary needed, just press Play... The Blue Ridge Mountain Dancers at YouTube


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more!
It was on BBC 4 (UK)on Friday 13th February. And I've had to go to a Net Cafe to view it on YouTube (Third time so far) Running whole film again as I type(www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b008490c)
- until 20 - 02 09

Anonymous said...

where can I get a copy of the film or video or dvd

Lyn Nuttall said...

Sorry: I didn't realise the clip had disappeared. I've put another YouTube clip back. The Amazon button links to the whole DVD of Festival.

Lyn Nuttall said...

Here's another good'un: same period, same style. Is the guy calling the moves the same in both?