13 December 2006

Audio clips from Glenn A. Baker's Rock'n'Roll Trivia Show, c.1979

Since posting about Glenn A. Baker's radio show, I've found these clips of Glenn playing three requests for me. This is probably in 1979, perhaps late 1978. At the end of the second clip, Glenn mentions upcoming guest Kim Fowley, the larger-than-life pop producer he often featured on the show.

1. Rock'n'roll Trivia Show mp3 #1 (1m 25s)
2. Rock'n'Roll Trivia Show mp3 #2 (2m 34s)

The quality is lo-fi: I was pulling in 2JJ some 500 km to the north, and taping onto an audiocassette which I've since grabbed onto mp3 without enhancement.

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MTC said...

Man, oh, man. I've been singing this song in my head for years. So glad to see the words again! Being born in '56 I can remember a kid from school giving me the 45 (anybody remember those - used to buy them at Woolworths for 35 cents) around '65 or '66. Now, does anybody know where I can get the words to (or Mp3, etc.) "She's a real frindly gal, she's a friend she's a pal, she's the whole world to me, she's my mother."