16 May 2006

More Kookies

Since I wrote here about A Kookie Little Paradise, Phil X Milstein has posted some Kookie audio treasures over at Probe is Turning-on the People!

There you can listen to two Jo Ann Campbell versions, one with a Tarzan call, one without; and what may well be the original version, by The Tree Swingers, along with the B-side.

Kees van der Hoeven (of John D. Loudermilk fame) was onto the alternative Jo Ann Campbell versions, at The Originals Problem-solving Forum: Original version had an Ape-call introduction. After release it was quickly withdrawn and re-issued with a decent no-ape version that became the OZ hit. (Post now deleted.)

Joop Jansen, also at the Forum, mentioned three other versions, all in languages other than English, now also listed by Phil.

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