14 August 2005

The Lampe File

Since posting about the elusive Nicholas (aka Nick) Lampe I've had an email from Robert Thompson in Melbourne who has been trying to research the 70s singer-songwriter for some
time. He has contacted several personnel from the album, but they all say they lost contact in the 70s. One said Nicholas Lampe was working as a social worker on the East Coast in the 70s.

I posted a question to the Spectropop Group without any response, and there's usually somebody there who can answer just about anything.

It sounds as if Nicholas Lampe may've done a J.D. Salinger: as Robert points out, he might've just turned his back on the music business and chosen to be left alone. That sounds likely, and I guess that's as much as we can add to the Lampe file for now.

(Update: See At Last: The Nick Lampe Story.)

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