21 June 2005

Popular at PopArchives

I don't have any traffic counters at the site, but early in April I started putting in links to HMV Australia if they stocked a listed song on CD. I can get traffic reports from HMV daily or over a longer period, so although it doesn't measure actual visits to my pages, it might be an indicator.

Looking at the statistics so far, half a dozen songs have attracted the most on-clicks. The first two are way ahead of the others (about double the clicks for #3).

1. I've Been Everywhere
What can I say? People still love this song, and it's also well-known through versions by Hank Snow and Johnny Cash. (See below: 'Obscurities? Forget 'em! We want 'I've Been Everywhere') We even heard it on one of our local radio stations this very morning.

2. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
This might have something to do with the PopArchives page being linked from a PBS page about the history of the song.

3. Everlasting Love
This makes sense: a hugely popular song world-wide, much recorded, and at least eight versions have charted around Australia. It even turned up on the soundtrack to the Bridget Jones sequel.

4. Je T'Aime (I Love You)
This is Abigail's version of the Serge Gainsbourg song, Je t'aime moi non plus, which he recorded with Jane Birkin. Perhaps Jane Birkin's appearances in Australia have increased interest in it.

5. She Wears My Ring
Another much-recorded song, including a version by Elvis.

6. Day By Day
From the musical Godspell. I can't see any big, current production of this. Probably just another enduring favourite.

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