11 September 2009

The Town & Country Brothers: the definitive account

After my recent post about The Town & Country Brothers and Sandy, Sandy, their 1963 Only In Oz hit, I heard from Ted Daryll, a member of the group and the writer of Sandy, Sandy.

Ted sent me his definitive account of the group. Not only does it retell the full recording adventures of Ted with Chip Taylor and Greg Richards, but it opens a fascinating window into a music business that no longer exists in quite the same form.

Rather than summarising it, I am giving you the whole document, a PopArchives exclusive, with Ted's approval.

Read the full story by clicking here (pdf).

The Town & Country Brothers: Ted (left) - Chip (right). 1962 photo taken at Adelphi Recording, 1650 Broadway, NYC (Image: Ted Daryll)

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks for that, Lyn. Sandy Sandy was a favourite of mine, and I played it on any jukeboz which had it for years. Wish I'd bought it. '63 was a very good year for excellent and innovative recordings, and Sandy Sandy's trumpet and the De Kroo Brothers use of a french horn on Scarlet stood out, along with Little Peggy March with I Will Follow Him.