29 March 2006

Da Doo Ron Ron? Are you kidding me?

One New Year's Eve - 1963, I guess - when I phoned up the request show on our local radio station 3SH in Swan Hill, the station's manager Harry Lithgow was holding the fort. He must've been a nice boss, letting his staff go out partying while he stayed back at work all night.

When I requested Da Doo Ron Ron, the Crystals' song I'd heard on 3SH, Harry didn't believe me. He didn't believe there was such a song - "No, no, not Da Doo Ron Ron, that wouldn't be right" - and politely hung up.

Should've tried for Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, which would've just been appearing around then.

The Crystals: #3 on Billboard, puzzling in Swan Hill.

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