11 February 2006

Nick Lampe: alive and well in New York

Back in July I wondered about Nick Lampe, whose single Flower Garden charted in Melbourne in 1970. I could find out almost nothing about his career, and he'd apparently dropped off the musical radar screen sometime in the 70s, leaving one album and no clues for a whatever-happened-to.

After that post, Robert Thompson emailed from Melbourne to tell me about his long but unsuccessful attempts at researching the life and career of Nick Lampe.

I gave up the search, but Robert persevered, and a few days ago he phoned a surprised Nick Lampe at his workplace in New York.

I've found that artists' reactions are unpredictable when you contact them out of the blue: some are flattered and keen to reminisce about the old days, but others are just not interested.

Fortunately, Nick Lampe was delighted to hear from a fan in Australia. Not only that, but he had been unaware that his single of Flower Garden was known in Melbourne.

Since then, thanks to Robert, I've exchanged emails with Nick Lampe, and he has filled me in on his career and his life since leaving the music industry, so I'll post about that shortly. (Update: See At Last: The Nick Lampe Story.)


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It's no longer available new. I bought a used copy through eBay. That would be your best avenue. Or try GEMM www.gemm.com.

Lyn said...

Listen here (thanks, Brian): http://byrds.tistory.com/247

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I know Nick very well. He plays worship music with several ministries in nyc. His recent CD release 2007 "Hold On" is spritual
and will move you closer to our living Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
If you are interested in his new Chrsitian CD release (2007) send an email to: ineedprayernow@gmail.com