04 July 2005

More on the Bearded Beetle

Broadcaster and radio historian Wayne Mac emailed to tell me the Bearded Beetle's name was Dave Dexter. He was the panel operator at 3DB who recorded a song called The Bearded Beetle with announcer Barry Ferber in 1964. No other details yet, except that Wayne believes Dave Dexter died in a car accident in New Zealand.

I did find a reprinted magazine article from the 70s about Radio Hauraki, the pirate station that became New Zealand's first commercial station, and there is a Dave Dexter amongst the station's disc jockeys. (Not to be confused, I should hardly need to add, with Dave Dexter the Capitol Records producer and executive.)


Zbigniew nowara said...

I don't have the bearded beetle 45 but I do have the "Don't make love ...." 45 which is credited to The Beetle Bashers with the Hearsemen. Some years ago I spoke to several guys in the Hearsemen and they agreed that that the Beetle Bashers on this record was only Ferber. Note however there was a third person involved in the Bashers saga as the songwriting credits are Barry Ferber - David Dexter-Giselle Reuter. no audible evidence of the involvement of Ferber's co-writers on the actual recording, which agrees with Hearsemen recollections. B-side of the single is an instrumental track by the Hearsemen. Musical backing on the first 45 not by the Hearsemen.

Jacob said...

I can confirm (as their son) that David Dexter and Giselle Reuter married and moved to New Zealand. Dad worked at Radio Hauraki, then 1ZM before moving to the South Island. He died in a car accident in 1981. I do remember mum mentioning something about the beetle p-take recordings.

Jacob said...

Also, I wouldnt mind getting my hands on a Beetle Bashers record for my own interest... if anyone knows where I could locate one, please email jakedexter@gmail.com. Cheers.