09 June 2005

No, no , no , no, no: betcha didn't know this:

You know Trevor Peacock, don't you, the actor who played Jim Trott on The Vicar of Dibley? Jim was one of the rustic members of Rev. Geraldine Granger's Parish Council , the one whose catchphrase goes "No, no, no, no, no... yes!"

Well, Trevor Peacock wrote not only the Herman's Hermits hit Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter, but also one of the finest songs of pre-Beatlemania BritPop, That's What Love Will Do, a #3 UK hit in 1963 for Joe Brown and the Bruvvers.

His filmography at the Internet Movie Database covers a lot of bases, but in the pop context he was also the writer for Jack Good's late-50s British TV pop series Oh Boy! and he compered another pop series of the time, Drumbeat. He and John Barry wrote the music for the 1960 teen delinquency movie Beat Girl.

Strange but true...


crowbarred said...

i never knew that!

Colin Merrey said...

You may also be aware that Trevor recorded at least one single record (which I found on Youtube) and also as Little Jackie Atom with the Big Jim Sullivan Combo singing Hot Hiss of Steam the flipside of the single You Don't know what you've got until you lose it credited to Jim but sung by Jack Good

Trevor has had a very distinguished career indeed. You may also note that Mrs Brown you've got a lovely daughter was written for Joe Brown when his daughter Sam was born but he turned the song down ss he didn't think it would be a hit! Strange but true


Lyn Nuttall said...

Colin, I didn't know most of that, so thanks for commenting. It's a nice supplement to my brief post. An extraordinary bloke is Trevor.