18 February 2011

New site about Toowoomba's Chapter III and Peter Wright

Toowoomba researcher and broadcaster Jeff Black has written the definitive account of Chapter III and Peter Wright, notable 60s artists who came from Toowoomba. Their stories are long and fascinating, partly because they take us beyond Toowoomba, a regional city in Queensland, Australia. (I have lived there on and off since 1975.) Peter Wright's 1967 single House of Bamboo, his own composition recorded for Festival in Sydney, is a cult classic, a 60s artefact that has persisted beyond the short burst of recognition upon its original release. Peter's career intersects with that of Chapter III, not least because his brother Kerry was a key member. Chapter III's history takes an unexpected turn when we read that they worked in New Zealand, including a stint as regulars on TV's Clickety Click 66. At this stage they were still known as The Defenders, but they recorded in New Zealand as Hubb Kapp and The Wheels. (See Bruce Sergeants' page on the Wheels from a New Zealand perspective.) Australians and New Zealanders are accustomed to stories about New Zealand artists decamping to Australia, in many cases to become big stars: think Dinah Lee, Max Merritt, The La De Das, Split Enz... But here was an Aussie act that reversed that trend. Intriguing, huh? Read the full stories at Jeff's site.