05 December 2007

That's our lad!

To remind yourself of the excellence of Brisbane band Transport, watch these high quality live videos recorded in LA earlier this year. They're at Rehearsals.com, performances of The People Have Spoken, Soda Pop and This Infidelity. [Link] There's also a video interview and a text article. Transport haven't gigged lately, but their new album The Inner Chimp is now downloadable.

And to see a completely different side of Transport's singer-guitarist Keir Nuttall (vocals, guitar) and Steve Pope (drums), here they are in Kate Miller-Heidke's band performing Keir Nuttall's composition Space They Cannot Touch. No Parental Advisory necessary for this one:

(Okay, disclosure: I'm Keir's dad, but you probably knew that.)

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Lyn said...

Rehearsals.com seems to be defunct (apart from a mobile phone-related offshoot). I've struck out the text but left the links intact in case it's a temporary absence.